Color affects us emotionally, psychologically and physically

Did you know color has the power to:
• Alter apparent body shape, making areas appear larger or smaller
• Make a person appear more youthful or mature
• Change impressions making a person appear healthy and vibrant or, ill and lethargic
• Affect the mood of the wearer and those around them

Discovering your best colors is an essential component to looking your absolute best.
We know that many men have an element of color blindness so by having a color consultation, they can be guaranteed to buy the right colors that suit them every time they go out shopping. Not only do we show them the colors which will suit them, but we have also categorized into the colors which are ideal for their suits, their shirts and their ties and their casual wear.
This is not just a woman’s swatch which has the colors redistributed, it is a swatch which is specifically designed with the male taste and preference in mind.

A Color Consultation for Men takes approximately 90 minutes and can be combined with style as a full image consultation (180 mins).

You will learn

• Your best range of colours
• Confidently how to use your swatch
• How to coordinate your colours to maximize your impact
• Which are your best suit, shirt, casual wear and tie colours

You will receive

A high-quality directional colour swatch containing 60 colours which reference to thousands of additional colours.

An accompanying full-colour detailed ebook covering everything you need to know.


The price varies depending on the location, qualifications, and experience of the consultant.

Next step

To complete your new look we suggest that you elect to also have a style consultation for the simple reason that a garment in a great colour, but an unflattering style is just as bad a buy, as a garment in a flattering style and bad colour.

Colour and style consultations can be taken together as a 180 min session.

Presential consultation


USD $280 p/p

Group (min. 5 people)

USD $180 p/p

Online certification


USD $210 p/p

Group (min. 5 people)

USD $150 p/p