Only a woman knows the frustration of a wardrobe brimming with clothes and nothing to wear.

Wardrobe Organizers find your outfits and save you time.
Do you stand in front of your wardrobe and moan you have nothing to wear?

Is your closet packed with garments yet there’s nothing you want to wear or feel great in?

If this sounds like you, we are can get you and your wardrobe back on track.

A wardrobe audit and revamp performed by a skilled unbiased image consultant is the perfect way to clean your style slate. Allowing someone to sort through your closet and manage the organization are easier, more fun and less hassle with an image consultant. While they are there you’ll learn some insider styling skills and see how to create the wardrobe you’ve always wanted.

Wardrobe audits are also referred to as Closet Clean-outs, Wardrobe Organizing and Style revamps.

All you need do is sit back and play dress-up while they perform their magic.


While not essential, we recommend you first complete a style and colour consultation to determine exactly what suits you best, as this will provide a solid foundation to work through your closet from.

Your consultant may suggest you do a tidy-up of your closet prior to the day to save you time and money.

On the day

During a wardrobe audit, your consultant will discover the items that are working for you, the mistakes that are taking up valuable closet space and what items you need to purchase to create a more versatile wardrobe of clothes.

Wardrobe sessions are usually scheduled for the morning when everyone is fresh and full of energy.

You will be asked to try on various garments during the session to check their fit and appropriateness and as such we ask that you wear good fitting lingerie and have your hair done and some make-up on.

Wardrobe Audit and Revamp Outline:

During your wardrobe audit and revamp your consultant, with your assistance, will:

  • Declutter your wardrobe
  • Clear your closet
  • Liberate items that do not flatter your body type, are worn out, out-of-date or no longer suit your lifestyle/goals
  • Discover items that, with some alterations or repair, will be flattering and provide several more seasons of wear
  • Organize your wardrobe into a workable space that makes discovering potential outfits easier
  • Show how the right hangers and wardrobe accessories can improve the longevity and appearance of your clothes
  • Uncover all the mix and match options you have not yet discovered
  • Determine what clothing and accessory items will extend and expand the versatility of your wardrobe
Presential consultation

(4 hours)

USD $450 p/p

Group (min. 3 people,
4 hours each person)

USD $350 p/p

Online consultation

(4 hours)

USD $380 p/p

(min. 3 people)

USD $280 p/p