A polished appearance builds confidence, credibility and trust

While it’s an accepted fact that a great appearance alone will not guarantee anyone social or business success; it is agreed that the way you present yourself does have a big impact on how others perceive many important things about you.

In fact, social psychologists have proven that when a person presents themselves as professional, capable and confident, others respond accordingly automatically assuming that their appearance is a reflection of the attitudes and abilities which lie beneath.

A professional image consultation will help you manage your total appearance to create a first impression that will encourage others not to focus on the packaging, rather, to ‘go beyond’ the packaging; paying attention to you and what you have to offer.

You will learn

During a 3 hour consultation, you will learn how to create an effective professional image through skilful styling, grooming, clothing coordination, use of colour, and accessories.

You will receive

Lifetime access to your custom created Men Of Style program.  This will be your go to 24/7 resource for all your style needs.
      – Includes professional dress example of all styles and indicates levels i.e., business casual, relaxed casual, etc.

A 70+ page, full-colour style and shopping guide and accompanying report providing as a hard version of your online program.

A copy of ‘The Polished Professional’, a 70-page, full-colour manual filled with professional image topics.

An action plan to help you move to the next stage in your image development.

Optional extras

The following can be added to your consultation package:

  • Professional Etiquette
  • Body Language (beyond basics)
  • Wardrobe Audit
  • Personal Shopping
  • Makeover
Presential consultation


USD $350 p/p

Group (min. 5 people)

USD $250 p/p

Online consultation


USD $250 p/p

Group (min. 5 people)

USD $180 p/p