We’re experts at finding flattering outfits

Owning clothes that make you look and feel great, every day is important. Just like an actor, clothes allow us to get into character; helping us look, feel and act the part. The role of a Personal Shopper is to ensure that the clothes that you buy suit you and your needs.

That doesn’t mean they need to cost us a fortune; there are thousands of stores in every city at every price point.  It’s just a matter of knowing where to look – that’s where your image consultant has the advantage. Image Consultants are trained as Personal Shoppers.

Pain or pleasure?

Not every woman loves to shop; some find it a discouraging exercise, others a complete pain and a few even consider it a total waste of time. In each situation, a personal shopper can be of assistance.

For the discouraged, being taken shopping especially, after a style and colour consultation, can be an exciting and liberating experience.  Imagine your consultant guiding you through stores, aisles and fitting rooms bringing your own style program to life. Helping you to discover that when you know what you are looking for, and have a little fitting knowledge, shopping is a lot easier.

For those that see shopping as a pain, it may be the result of a long string of shopping failures, having to take children, husbands or others along who either want to be somewhere else or shopping with people who force their personal style onto you. Your personal shopper will love being out with you. You’ll be their sole focus of attention and they will know your personal style and work with you to find the perfect outfits for you.

If you are someone who finds shopping a waste of your time due to a busy career, your image consultant will be able to shop for you and bring the garments to you.  This is a high-end service and requires a pre-established budget, higher fees and cash to use for the purchases.


While not essential, we recommend you first complete a style and color consultation to determine exactly what suits you best. This will provide a solid foundation to work through your closet from.
Prior to your shopping day, your image consultant will ask you what items you wish to purchase, your available budget, brand and style preferences. Based on these your consultant will select the most suitable shopping locations and stores. She/he will also advise you how your time will be best spent and what to bring and wear on the day.

Personal shopping expeditions are usually scheduled for the morning when everyone is fresh and full of energy and the stores are not too busy.

On the day

You will be met by your personal shopper at a predesignated place and time. From there you will be skillfully taken through stores and shown items that will be selected for you to try on.
During the experience, your consultant will share insider tips about style, shopping, fit alterations and which items they recommend you purchase.

Presential consultation

(3 hours)

USD $450 p/p

Group (min. 3 people,
3 hours each persons)

USD $350 p/p

Online consultation


USD $380 p/p

Group(min. 3 people)

USD $280 p/p