Your picture paints a thousand words

By adulthood, we have developed the ability to visually sum up people and situations in a few seconds. Instantly making the decision to stay and engage, or walk away.
In the same way, your appearance either attracts or repels people, business, and social opportunities.

While character is and will always be more important than what’s on the surface, the fact remains that if your appearance turns people off, your character may never get a chance to shine.
We are the experts in getting you back on track.
If your life and/or circumstances are not meeting your expectations it may be time to time seek expert assistance through a personal style consultation with one of our highly trained consultants.

You will learn

During a 90 min consultation, your main style concerns and/or desired outcome will be covered. You’ll discover the clothes, coordination, and grooming that will help make the most of your appearance as well as how to skillful coordinate your outfits.

You will receive

Lifetime access to your custom created Men of Style program which will be your 24/7 style resource.
A full-colour style guide which will when marked-up act as a hard version of your online program.
An action plan to help you know what areas to tackle first.

The result

Your new and improved visual image will increase your self-esteem and confidence. You’ll walk, talk and think differently when you know you look great. Your improved appearance and renewed confidence will result in others seeing you in a new and positive light, which will attract new and exciting opportunities and relationships.

If your wish is to climb the corporate ladder your improved visual image will result in others seeing you as more professional, capable and promotable.

Presential consultation


USD $280 p/p

Group (min. 5 people)

USD $180 p/p

Online consultation


USD $210 p/p

Group (min. 5 people)

USD $150 p/p

Next steps

To complete your new look we suggest that you elect to also have a color consultation, for the simple reason that a garment in a great style, with an unflattering colour is as useless as a great pen with the wrong ink.

Style and Color consultations can be taken together as a 3-hour session.

After discovering the styles and colors that work best for you, next comes sorting the closet of clothes you already own. While some men decide to do this for themselves, many find wardrobe audits are easier and less hassle with an image consultant, and you’ll learn some insider styling skills while gaining a wardrobe that works. Finally, let her take you shopping and your look will be complete.

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