Finding correct outfits takes time and knowledge, let us find them for you.

Having clothes that make you look and feel incredible is important; when you know you look outstanding, you feel more confident and are willing and able to accomplish things that may otherwise feel too difficult.

When there is a significant event in your life, just like an actor, using clothes to get into character will help you feel and act the part you are required to play. That does not mean you need to spend a fortune or countless hours shopping; today there are thousands of stores in every city at every price point, it’s just a matter of knowing where to look. That’s where your image consultant has the advantage.

Pain or pleasure?

Many men find shopping a chore and some even consider it a total waste of valuable time.  Either way, if shopping for clothes is in any way challenging for you, a personal shopper can be of assistance.
Shopping with your image consultant can be a liberating experience as your consultant guides you through the stores. Your style and color programs are brought to life and it helps you discover that when you know what you are looking for, and have a bit of knowledge relating to correct fit, shopping is a lot easier.


While not essential, we recommend you begin with a complete a style and colour consultation to determine precisely what suits you best. This will provide a solid foundation to work through your closet from.

Prior to your shopping day, your image consultant will establish with you what items you wish to purchase, your available budget, brand and style preferences. Based on these your image consultant will select the most suitable shopping locations and stores. She/he will also advise you of how the time will be best spent, what to bring and what to wear on the day.

Shopping expeditions are generally scheduled for the morning when everyone is fresh and the stores are less busy.

On the day

You will be met by your image consultant at a predesignated place and time. From there, her skills as a personal shopper will skillfully take you through stores as she selects items for you to try on.

During the experience, your image consultant will share insider tips about personal style, how to shop, correct fit and alterations. They will also tell you what you should buy now and what you can buy later.

Presential consultation

(3 hours)

USD $450 p/p

Group (min. 3 people,
3 hours each person)

USD $350 p/p

Online consultation


USD $380 p/p

Group (min. 3 people)

USD $280 p/p