Color affects us emotionally, psychologically and physically

A Color Consultation has the power to:

  • Alter apparent body shape, making areas appear larger or smaller
  • Make a person appear more youthful or mature
  • Change impressions making a person appear healthy and vibrant or, ill and lethargic
  • Alter the mood of the wearer and those around them

Discovering your best colors is an essential component to looking your absolute best.

Group consultations are designed for 2 to 6 women such as mother’s and daughters, sisters, friends, social and corporate groups as well as brides and bridesmaids.

Consultations take approximately 90 minutes. For group, consultations add 15 mins for every extra person.

You will learn
  • Your best colours
  • How to use your swatch to judge if other colours suit you
  • How to coordinate your colours to maximise your impact
  • Which fabrics, surfaces, prints and patterns suit you best
  • Your signature, enhancer and intensifier colours
  • Your best hair colours
You will receive
  • A high-quality directional colour swatch containing 60 colours which reference to thousands of additional colours
  • An accompanying full-colour detailed ebook covering everything you need to know
Live consultation


USD $280 p/p

Group (min. 5 people)

USD $180 p/p

Online consultation


USD $210 p/p

Group (min. 5 people)

USD $150 p/p